Tuesday, March 23, 2010

weather??ape kene mengene ngan weather?

well, this story about da type of my skin face, nowadays I've juz realize, when im working (in cold Place) my skin will become normal, means NO PIMPLE, NO OILY SKIN or etc lah, but then when i x kerje(my oof day) duduk kat rumah (sangat panas) tup2 Jerawat naik!!my skin jadi oily(dah boleh goreng terlur) DAMN~~ so now ape maksud die??

Maksud nyee i kene duduk overseas tmpt yg sejuk2, baru x de masalah muke!!hahaha lolz.



Especially for You

Mommie :)
Location: Counter LL

Are u missing da precious moments?


I had been missing all the moments together , i want my College life back!
lets turn back to da time!!

I have been transformed to become a WORKAHOLIC person :(
Omg Im so Pathetic Ok!

Dah kerje 2 bulan, so aku dah jadi MATA DUITAN. Haha not that type of mata duitan.
a slave to money for my desire :P
well gaji x masok lagi, tp dah pkir mcm2 nk beli AISH!! Makin lame kerje makin bnyk Bende NAK!

and at da same time, i want my college life back, like "lepak" together, doing assignment, trip with classmates, hanging out together ,catch a movie and so much more.

but da time will come, I have decided to continue ma further study in degree

so be patient shero :)

P/s:: Bored