Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Are u missing da precious moments?


I had been missing all the moments together , i want my College life back!
lets turn back to da time!!

I have been transformed to become a WORKAHOLIC person :(
Omg Im so Pathetic Ok!

Dah kerje 2 bulan, so aku dah jadi MATA DUITAN. Haha not that type of mata duitan.
a slave to money for my desire :P
well gaji x masok lagi, tp dah pkir mcm2 nk beli AISH!! Makin lame kerje makin bnyk Bende NAK!

and at da same time, i want my college life back, like "lepak" together, doing assignment, trip with classmates, hanging out together ,catch a movie and so much more.

but da time will come, I have decided to continue ma further study in degree

so be patient shero :)

P/s:: Bored


  1. yes .. I miss the moment my mum comb my hair .. fedd me a food ...
    I miss my sayang sending me to go to work ..
    I miss when he comb my hair ...
    I miss a lot of ...

  2. janji k sambung degree.kt unitar taw.hoho^^

  3. Acap : haha Insyallah..alaa...tp klau ur GF ade mesti jadi x best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. wah smpai mcm tu plak shero ni :P
    x kire x kire.smbung degree jgk!klau x,dusshhhh!;P