Monday, April 19, 2010

Flower Hair Clip

where you can get this flower hair clip? klau korang kat area KL. Senang jee..sbb ade banyak tempat ade jual clip ni, slh satu nye korang boleh beli at the street,da curve every saturday and sunday only, and girlss, u also can get this at Mydin,MITC Melaka, at da small kiosk. But compare to The Street, da price at Mydin is more cheaper than The Street. It's Double Cheaper~i've just bought 3 of it..Trust me. Its Cheaper...

This photo located at The Curve"the street"


  1. love to buy.. mmg sgtsuka.. but tak pkai.. haha.. terok kan ?

  2. lor..dear dah beli kene pakai. Tunjuk yg u chantek :)