Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sharing is Caring :)

Today, i want to share something with all my girls..

i went to Guardian, a few days ago. I've just bought a new Facial Cleanser..

my skin types is Oily, Sensitive and Dry sometimes(depend on the cleanser lah)

but since i'm using Nano White, my skin became Dry, like dehydration its feels tight, especially after cleansing. That's Nano White. After using Nano's white for a 6 month, i decided to change and try a new one.

^from the left is Nano White Polishing, to remove dead skin cells, Clay Cleanser, Refining for treatment toner^

and this!!!My new brand for my FACIAL CLEANSER :)
this 3 Sets worth RM68++ quite cheaper and quite expensive, but still affordable

Za TRUE WHITE are working for protect skin from UV rays as it brightness and moisturizes skin, its also minimizes the appearance of visible melanin build up and veils skin with a b bright pearly radiance to enhance skin tone for a healthy look. Its also remove scars impact from acne.

after using ZA, my skin becomes softer, and no more hydration issue :)
and we wait and see until the changes :)

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  1. err. may i know whats the difference between the pink and green za products?