Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Real Name

Heloow..there Im Shera

I am talkative girl ,loves to make my OWN rules,always listens to wat my heart says, and da best thing about me is "I just belive in wat i do"!!!

People will be asking to me "how old are u??", so let me tell you, I'm turning 20 years old in this Year,i love 2 eat when I am bored, I fell asleep easily :)I like to haircut when its begin long, I have best friends and enemies, and my only best friends is Jocelyn

Im studying in University Tun Abdul Razak,Kelana Jaya.I'm taking in Diploma Tourism Management. I'm almost completed my education in here, currently in Semester 8(My Final Year!! YahOO~~)

I have DRAMA and MEMORIES(a lot's OK!!)and that’s life!!

Hometown:Malacca-->Kelana Jaya

This Blog Dedicated to Jocelyn :) I love You dar dar


  1. finally u make one blog!
    i dh lamer ask u do kan ehehehehe

    happy dat u make a blog finally!

    i love u too and ur my forever best friend.sometimes i wondering how can i hate syahrul because he is the one that make me know U!:)
    next time belanja him satu ROTI dh cukop

  2. sheraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!