Thursday, November 12, 2009

난 어젯밤에 행복 해요

I’m so happy..
Coz I have been able to contact with her..On MSN
so many time..cari diee,through MySpace and Facebook..
but she is deactivate Facebook and deleting her Myspace..coz she had a stalker.
Luckily Jiro online time tu.. so Jiro yg bg Email Clara (THANKS JIRO u are my HERO~~)
When I wanted to add her up, suddenly...I realize...She’s already added on my MSN
(bodo kan??ish2)
I get her Addy and also her phone number..
Christmas is coming!! So I think… I want give her a present!!
a lil tiny GIFT jek..nk post yg besar2..mahal babe :P ahaha

당신이보고 싶습니다!!그리고 난 널 사랑해..여자 형제!!

Who’s Clara??
Her name is Clara Nam or Heeju Nam
She‘s Korean but living in Guangzhou, China.
She’s going back to America and Korea Next year.
I hope someday she will come to Malaysia.

How do I know her??
I know her through Myspace. .
She’s also friend of Feena.
We being more closer from day to day..
She calls me Sister, because I’m older than her..

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