Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Tiny Secret

Do you consider yourself as an attractive person?
Lolz Yes..
why??U guys sendiri lah bg jawapan..korang rase aku ni attractive x??

Have you ever kissed anyone?

Are you a good kisser?
Ask Him..

Have you ever lied about your feelings?
Yes..pnh…Rase marah kat Pretending HAPPY??haha FRUSTRATED. So many time k!! and banyak lagi laaaaah..

Have you ever done anything incredibly crazy?
Never..but aku nk try Bungee Jumping..bile lah agak tuh.

Do you like flowers?
50/50 lah…maybe Red Roses (paling x suke…bunge Raya..haha)kenape??sbb aku pon x tahu..sbb name die buruk kot :P

Have you ever kissed anyone of the same sex?

Female..Yes.My Couzin Ayien..but not French Kissed just like Chup2 haha

Do you like Rap?
I like rap..K-POP rap..

Do you like Rock?
Yes… avenged sevenfold salah satu nyee…

Do you sleep with your teddy bear?
Lolz..Yes Yes..My Mok Mok Chan…Yan yg bg Teddy Bear tuh..Besar OK…die amik Half Space katil aku.

Have you ever piloted a plane?
Belom.lgi…but YAN slalu…so tgh tnggu diee pulak..ajar..aku :P

Do you like cats?
Yes!! Ofcoz I DO! Currently Kucing yg tinggal..seekor je…”Shiiro” yang lain Passed away already.

Do you Like watching TV shows?
Yes..” Two Days One Night” at KBS Chanel…suke tgk MC Mong & Hodong…dorang klakar babe!!

Ever thought about becoming gay or lesbian?
Yes..skali…but…x jadi pon:P haha

Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?
Yes.. YAN

Will you do everything to get what you want?
Yes…but sometime..just “let it be”

Do you think you are naive?
NOPE..TOTALY NOT..haha naïve maybe Anna :P hahaha Sorry anna if u read this.

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