Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thingy at Jonker Street , Malacca

Just now I went to Jonker Street, mcm2 lah beli..actually..Naj(adik Anna) suruh beli seluar Siam tu…and his Yin Yang Choker…feveret diee..mmg murah kt situ 3 for RM10.

I also bought 2 for Emelie and Clara.(chirstmas Gift) 2 for RM10

this is mine :) green.(so vintage)

Owhh yea…guess what…who I met??jalan punyee jalan…terserempak ngn Leesya (my Schoolmate.SMK Malim) she’s maintain COMEL mcm dlu2..haha..

Btw u guys should try diz one at Jonker…this 3 bottles of Cocktail worth RM4 per bottle…but its more worth it if u guys beli 3…coz 3 for RM10
Da pink Bottle is (apple + Passion) and da green (Apple + Peach)

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  1. thank you so much for the brachlett, it is beautiful :) Im going to seend a gift for you 2 :) Sry I seend it too you later, but better "late than never ";) haha