Friday, February 5, 2010

looking forward for job

Fuh, the reality i went to New Jusco Malacca yesterday. There's so many vacancies Ok.

but yesterday, i apply for 3 shop je.. SnJ , Swan and Lovely Lace, but i am really hoping for Lovely Lace. The Basic salary rate almost same Rm800++ with commission Epf and Socso.

This is my First TIME~~ a very2 FIRST time mintak keje hahaha besides my Practical lah(tu pon dlm office)

all this shop semua walk-in interview.

SWAN paling lame interview by da manager well, mmg lame lah interview tu and there's one thing yang die tanye ade sedikit menyakit kan hati coz, die tanye"why u x nk keje standard u?? coz u dah ade Dip In Tourism, Klau i jadi u, i x kan keje I keje OFFICE trus"

well, its depends on me lah nk keje mcm mane kan??in tourism Line salary rate mmg 1,800 above. But semuaa jauh from ma house. All in KL. but im not ready yet. Ok. That's why i cari keje around malacca 1st. some more i dah apply for my further study in Degree. So easy for me nak cau if i keje biase2 than office kan.

btw da manager in SWAN (Malay guy) after interview i decided i x nk keje tu. but after an hour ago, i received a call from Malacca Number, its from SWAN~~ ask me to come work tomorrow~~ WTF~~ hahahahaha

but i tink u guys dah tahu, i accept ke x keje tu??klau x??cam ne hari ni i boleh duduk rumah sambil updated my blog kan?hahaha

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