Monday, February 15, 2010

what happens in Lovely lace

Ok Yesterday, ade lah beberape org yg melawat and terjumpe di Lovely Lace. Da first person is Faizal, haha my Ex school Mate, a bit shocked and so surprising betol! Korang ni bergossip pasal aku ke?? Haha, Hamboi2 Semua tahu aku dah hbis dip ek!!
The next day (14 Feb) Daus came and met me, his also my ex school mate! DAMN~ semua EX~ hahaha and on 14th jugak,i saw ustaz Jasmi and her wife ustazah(forgot her name) ustaz mmg x recognize and ustazah pon ingt2 lupe, they still know me lah coz Malim's school. Damn!! SEGAN gilee jumpe both of THEM~ rase JANGGAL!!!!but its nice to see my OFF day! tomorrow WORKING lagi :(

Nite (^_^)

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  1. wah...lovely lace jj ayer keroh ek?

    shera jumpe ustz? lame meh xjupe dier since i entered my degree...huhuhuh...
    ok2...come laa visit my blog~
    now i followed u...xde laa become a silent reader yg asik stalk jerp...