Friday, February 26, 2010

This is so annoying!!!

ermm, nak benti ke x end of this month? hmm. Liza (my colleagues) she wanna quit end of this month, but yang lain still not decided yet, probably tunggu smpai dpt Gaji bulan ke 3.

Klau ikot kan rase and hati INI HARI mau BERHENTI tau!! Well. He and his Wife treat us like KULI!!! no wonder lah why die x nk hiring Chinese, coz nk Buli MALAY!! WHAT??

People thought were' waiting for result(what? SPM) WTF~ ive DIPLOMA IN TOURISM MANAGEMENT!! OK!~! and Liza also has a DEGREE in MARKETING! ain't low class lah babe!Klau nk keje lagi bagus dari ni, lebih kitaorg boleh dpt!! tp cume x nk jauh jee dari MLK~!