Monday, February 1, 2010

Don't try to fool me!!!!

someone is trying to trick me!!!! ok FINE!!
Is that the best you can do huh?? coward !!

hmm, maybe Clara that i knew was a fake??hmm..its been 1 year ! hmm
if you are the real CLARA, at least please reply to my message,it is sufficient.

hmm Im So dissapointed, i don't know what is the point for you to be FAKER.

hmmm banyak sngt QUESTION MARK dlm otak aku now!!! if u are faker, why Jiro kenal U clara?

  • 1st u have myspace, and u delete me, reason? banyak FAKERS dlm Myspace.Ok
  • we've been chatting on Myspace and more often on MSN.. U give me ur ADDRESS and Fone Number.
  • I call ur fone Number, but is NOT IN SERVICE. I had Send a Chirstmas Present for you, but it return back because the address was not found.
  • and then i found your FACEBOOK, so i added you up,so many times,but no respond from u, not even one!!(ok klau ikot logic, maybe die x on9 sbb tu x approve, but her WALL Photo keep changing every times i check out yours FB) PELIK.

so i decided to surrender. Maybe Clara(facebook) was the real clara.

and Clara MYspace and MSN(yang i duk chatting selame setahun tu), was a FAKER. DONE.

CONGRATULATIONS!! anda telah berjaya! hmm.

Ade jugak org giler yang nk buat keje ni kan?? and aku tahu yg buat bende ni mesti org terdekat, and aku tahu siape die. Siape makan cili dia yang terasa PEDAS!!!!

My Best penpalls is EMELIE!!who never lying on me about her own identity, she's the real


  1. Awww thats kind of you :') <3 Thank you. And the same about you! im sry the gift is late, but im going to seend it too you as soon I come home ! :) And im sry about that FAKE person !
    Take care and be carefull <3

  2. clara that taiwanese?

    lots malaysian love using fake pix of beautiful and handsome people.
    so stupid.!

  3. nope..clara da in Guang zhou
    friends of Feena

    tu lah.hmm...i tink org yg buat fake tu mmg psycho